Raid the Admin Contest

Welcome to the Raid Admin Contest


Prize List and Qualifications

To Qualify for prizes you must have done the following.


  1. Register for this website
  2. Register on the discord Channel
  3. Be a Follower on The Stream
  4. Have one Vote on our vote plugin on the 2x solo duo trio server172.93.105.26:28015

The Raid the Admin Contest

So This is very simple.
Raid one of the admin bases…How do you know what base is the Admins base. Well there isn’t ONE…There is Three. So you have to hunt them out.

A hint is they have a particular sigh out front or on the building that says ADMIN lol…

Now how do we know if you have raided the admin.. we need proof.

Inside the admins base  as you raid it there is a note in one of the boxes.
This note has a code that code is your key to the prize.

We will have a special page up that you will go to and you fill out the info and place the code into a special form. This form will trigger an alert to us that you have raided successfully your prize.

Now there are Three ways to get a prize.


Offline Raid- MEH

$25 Prize for each base you raided and got. the code key


Random Online Raid- Oh yeah…

$50  Prize You have beat me while on line and have bested the admin I have been streaming online and have captured my side from the stream..Lots of fun and great content.

Challenge Raid- Boo and a YAH!!!

$100 You send admin a message and you are ready to raid pick a time and be ready to rock and roll.
If you can be recording as well we will throw in an extra $25 for all content you can gather form the raid from your side.


All rules will be followed and if broken can forfeit all prize money from the event so be very careful.


Olympia servers Want to have fun and be entertaining as well in order to do so the following rules have been put in place for this event in order to make the above statement as true as possible.

House Keeping Rules

  1. Since we are streaming the event  there will be No spamming of text or voice.
  2. There will be no racists comments of any sort tolerated within chat or voice you have one chance.
  3. There will be trolling  or constant abuse or false accusation in order to waste the time of admins
  4.  If visiting the stream all housekeeping rules apply to the stream as well.
  5. You may use the stream to your advantage. Though you may not use the stream to troll , or create clips to harass the admin.
  6. Admin reserves the right to block your views on the stream with overlays and may call you out on stream for doing so >>

Prize and raid rules

Beside prerequisites of registering for the site, stream and discord there are several rules you must follow to obtain your prize.

Offline Raid

  1. you must obtain the code from the note that is located in the box that is right next to the TC
  2. You must be the first person to submit the code <code link page here>
  3. … IF YOUR NOTE IS STOLEN OR YOU ARE COUNTERED AND THE CODE IS USED BY SOMEONE ELSE BEFORE YOU CAN USE IT THAT IS …It is First come first server on the code being placed. No exceptions.
  4. Fill in the details as much  as possible on the code form in order to claim your prize.

Online raid

all rule above apply and the following.

  1. If admin is online and not streaming admin will begin the stream immediately and will announce it to the server.
  2. Admin can also call for help from other admins as long as all admin rules are followed. <see admin rules section> but you must have only three people or less in your team no alliances will be allowed at this time.
  3.  All forms of raiding are tolerated except any cheats glitches or help from others that your team (eg suppressed fire from others)
  4. Do you best to have fun and create a fun environment for this event so we may continue to do it each week…
  5.  There will be no glitching,cheating or taking advantage of exploits. 

Challenge Raid

  1. Any challenge must be entered before another raid has started. You can challenge anytime even during a current raid as long as you are the victor in said battle. Meaning you must have had the challenge before the start of any other raid. You must have the note at the end.
  2. You must be either streaming with capture or recording the event from your side and deliver the recording to Olympia servers all product then becomes property by Olympia and you give us permission to use said content.
  3. Side note. if you made a challenge and get countered at the end or anytime such and have recorded the event please send us the footage anyway and we will compensate you for your time in gathering the footage we will be fair of course.

Admin Rules

  1. Admins can  call for counters
  2. Admins can call for help from other admins
  3. Admin can not port in teleport with regular tp spy on ESP or use any tools other than what is in player active time for an admin.
  4. Materials and all loot  in the base at the time of 11:00 am est are what the admin can use to their advantage.
  5. Each base will have substantial amount of loot to make it worth your time as well.
  6. Admins can Not despawn any loot intentional
  7. Admin can gather loot by regular means and or be gifted by others certain items .
  8. All other Admin player rules apply. each time you kill an admin get $200 RP in game. keep score your self to let the admin know after conflict.
  9. Note: there will be other admins watching but thuey can not tell the raided admin what is going on at all. Trader Maxx will be the raided admin this first session and will not strand any cheating at all.

All codes must be in Before Wipe on Thursday the 19th 11 am to be legible for prizes

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